A lawn is a lovely thing and also quite pleasing to the eye. It is the most beautiful part of the home where family members can unwind and just hang out. However, pleasure and beauty can come at a cost. The cost can be effort, time, and most specifically – money. It’s a good thing there’s a synthetic option like artificial grass in London as an alternative to natural grass.

Synthetic or artificial grass was primarily intended for use in football stadiums and other sporting arenas where natural grass maintenance was costly, as well as investment in special equipment and manpower was heavily needed. Over time, the use of artificial grass has  spread to residential areas due to the benefits that it can provide to homeowners.

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London

Why Homeowners Prefer Artificial Grass in London

The demand for residential artificial grass is rapidly growing in the market. It is usually driven by the combinations of best manufacturing techniques together with homeowners’ increasing awareness of economic and environmental long term benefits. Initially, artificial grass in London was limited to sports clubs but you can now mostly see them on residential lawns.

10 Long Term Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

  1. Once installed, artificial grass requires very little maintenance since there is no mowing or watering required.
  2. Artificial lawns in London can help households save money in water consumption, as well as in buying a lawn mower and its operation costs.
  3. There’s no need to buy weed killers and expensive fertilizers.
  4. Since homeowners don’t need to use fertilizers or chemicals to protect or grow natural grass, they are not adding toxins to nature which can permanently increase pollution levels to the environment.
  5. You won’t have to invest time in pulling out weeds. Therefore, there’s more extra time for family activities.
  6. Artificial grass in London lasts long so homeowners won’t have to be bothered with the hassle or expense of replanting period that natural grass always require.
  7. Artificial grass also comes with excellent drainage. Therefore, it will quickly dry itself after washing it with water or after a rainfall.
  8. The drainage of the artificial grass also means that there’s no need for you to worry about water deposits that last for days and leaving mud patches when stepped in.
  9. Playing sports on the artificial lawn will not cause any damage to the artificial grass.
  10. Artificial grass looks perfectly maintained at all times in such a way that homeowners will never feel embarrassed by an untidy lawn.

Striped Lawn: Popular Artificial Lawn Design for Residential Use

Striped lawn artificial grass is a perfect design for sports fans home owners. Since it is synonymous with the football playing field, the striped lawn is a perfect artificial lawn in London design for tennis pros or footie mad. Aside from achieving a sporty lawn design, it can also be a durable area for the whole family to play on.

Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London

Artificial Grass Installation: How to Achieve Striped Lawn Design

When installing the striped lawn artificial grass design, there’s no need to lay two different kinds of grass. As a matter of fact, the same type of grass is laid and simply divided into stripes through having grass piles facing opposite directions. In that way, the lawn looks striped when being hit by the lights. This simply means that homeowners can have exactly the same quality of grass in their entire lawn but there’s no need for them to mow it in order to maintain the stripes. In order to make your lawn look its best, only trust experienced artificial grass service provider. Contact Grassify today for more information on artificial grass in London.

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