10 Famous places that love artificial grass

We are big artificial grass lovers (for obvious reasons) but we don’t expect you to be convinced just by us telling you! That’s why we found you 10 Famous places that love artificial grass so you don’t have to just take it from us… take it from them!

1. Disney Resorts

Both Disneyland in Paris as well as Disney World in Florida realised the potential of artificial grass a long time ago! Why? Well imagine having to pay out for additional gardeners to cut the lawns in these massive establishments every day, not to mention the kids running around on the grass every day. It would be a nightmare trying to keep the grass looking green and lush on a daily basis. It does not take a mathematician to figure out how much money they have saved since installing artificial grass in their parks.

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Image Credit Disney Parks Blog

2. The Big Brother House

The big brother house has had artificial grass in the garden since the very beginning. Not just for aesthetic reasons – after all real grass would quickly rip up and damaged during the weekly competitions, but also because if they used real grass they would need to send in professional landscapers every week to clean things up! That would spoil the whole “being locked up with no contact with the outside world” theme of the show. So they wisely decided on artificial grass for the popular shows backyard.

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Image Credit: absolute-obsessions.net

3. The Albertsons Stadium

This stadium, previously known as the Bronco Stadium, is located in the USA, Idaho to be precise. The artificial grass used for this stadium is not your regular green artificial turf, in fact, it is blue! Of course the main reason to use artificial grass in this stadium is because of the beating it gets every time a match is played, but also, because artificial grass will hold the paint so much better than real grass! The grass occasionally gets replaced for maintenance reasons, but we are sure the stadium have saved a huge maintenance bill since changing to artificial grass.

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Football, Photo by Wankun Sirichotiyakul

4. Coronation Street

Here’s one we bet you didn’t know of before! yes, the lovely lawns of the Platts, Websters and Anna Windass are absolutely fake! Now how’s that for a bit of Pub Ammo! The reason the show installs artificial grass is because it would be impossible for them to look after the lawns AND make a quality show at the same time! Plus, the grass needs to stay looking good throughout the series, and not every show is shot at the same time, so to keep the consistency, they use artificial grass and no-one’s the wiser… well apart from those reading this blog today of course!

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Image Credit: Daily Mail

5. O2 Star Sixes

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you will have seen us promoting the O2 Star Sixes quite quite a bit! That’s because we were asked to install artificial grass for this prestigious event back in June and we did so with pride! The event, which was planned in the O2 London Arena last for a couple of days and the GRASSify team were there for the duration of it. Installing the artificial grass within 24 hours and then taking it down again in record time. Only a professional company like GRASSify would be able to handle that kind of pressure!

6. The Playboy Mansion

There’s an obvious reason why the playboy mansion has an artificial lawn… because who would have time to look after a lawn when they are surrounded by so many beautiful women! Not even a professional landscaper could keep their eye on the job at hand, it would be mahem!! Seriously though, the 87-year old tycoon choose artificial grass because he used to host so many lavish (and we are sure pretty wild) garden parties, and real grass simply could not cope, no matter how much money he threw at it. Now his grass looks natural and fresh all the time and he can focus on the better things in life for sure!

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London

7. The Chelsea Flower Show

Really???— yes really, the Chelsea Flower show has been using artificial grass for their famous gardening shows since 2010. Not the entire show was covered in it though, it was mainly the exhibit of designer Tom Smiths who added “he was prepared to put his reputation on the line using artificial greenery” and he was not wrong! Many followed after that! Tom added “It is a great product and shows how far artificial grass has come in the recent years”.

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Best Show Garden designed by Tom Stuart-Smith, Daily Telegraph Garden, 2006 Chelsea Flower Show

8. Crufts

We always say how pet-friendly artificial grass is, and now you can hear it from the experts! At the world famous dog show they have also seen the benefits of artificial grass. Not only becuase it looks good for TV but also because it is so easy to clean! You can only imagine the mess the animals leave behind after a show, and how great it is just to pick up a hose and clean up in record time! Not only does it benefit them with regards to cleaning, it also keeps looking pristine after each and every show and that is very important for the people of crufts! It’s all about looking good after all!

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Image credit strangersandcharm.com

9. The Wembley Stadium

Another stadium that took the right decision to install an artificial turf on their pitch. It was installed for the first time back in 2010 for the football Community Shield game between Chelsea and Manchester, and since then the pitch has been played on for numerous international games including the football final at the London 2012 Olympics. The hardwearing qualities of artificial grass gave the Wembley Arena’s owners the confidence to invest, and it looks like they definitely made the right decision, Where before they had the constant battle to keep their real grass looking good and up to par for their players, now they have one headache less and can focus on the game instead!

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Image Credit - The Stadium Guide

10. The Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden

Now we realised we cheated a little with this one as the Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden is in fact located in Disney World and we already mentioned that one, but we thought it was worth another mention as they are JUST. SO. CUTE! Each year, this garden hosts the Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, and Pixie Garden realised that artificial grass give the best and most desirable results. There’s heavy foot traffic during the festival which real grass would never be able to withstand, and the tiny gardens simply look much more magical no matter what gets thrown at it! So you must agree, giving the Pixie Garden a special mention was well worth it… now go to Google and image search “Pixie Gardens”… we promise you won’t be disappointed!

GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London
Image Source: Pinterest

So there you have it, 10 famous places that love artificial grass! So now you don’t have to take it from us anymore, if it is good enough for Hugh Hefner…. (see what we did there?)

Now you don’t have to own a massive mansion, a football pitch or stadium to enjoy all the benefits of artificial grass, installing it in your private lawn (like those in coronation street!) would do the trick just as well, and you too can enjoy all the benefits, including saving a lot of time and money, plus having a lawn that looks good…. always!

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