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25 ways to use artificial grass

ways to use artificial grass

25 unique ways to use Artificial Grass

Just as there are many types of Artificial Grass, there’s a lot of ways to use artificial grass creating awesome spaces and artefacts (we like to call them ARTificial grass… see what we did there??). Many of our clients ask what can be done with the “left over” grass after we have installed the artificial lawn in their gardens, others would like to see if they can do something good with the offcuts. So we decided to list the 25 unique ways to use artificial grass, so you can get creative with your artificial grass leftovers!

1. Reupholster your garden furniture

First of the 25 ways to use artificial grass is furniture. Not only will this artificial grass upholstery look fantastic, it is comfy too! Nice and soft seats, and with very little maintenance required, PLUS it will instantly match your outdoor decor! :)

It is not only you who will enjoy your new outdoor furniture, we are pretty sure your pets will love it too!

2. Make a new rug for your living room

Rugs can be expensive! Moreover, they are high maintenance! How many times have you spilled something on your rug, wine, pizza, ice cream (sounds like you had a great night in!). If only you had an artificial grass rug. You could simply take it outside, hose it off and continue your Netflix sesh without a worry! Now you could’t do that with your old traditional rug could you! Plus, it would be so original! It would be a great icebreaker for sure!

3. Matching cushions

Ok, so you have your rug, and your chair, now you need some matching cushions to finish it all off! Again… so simple to make from your artificial grass cut offs and such a decorative feature both inside and outside of the home! You would need to fill them up with an actual cushion though so they are nice and soft, but any old pillow will do! Or perhaps you have some old underlay or shock padding left too, then fill em up with that to get the desired results!

4. Awesome table runner

A fresh and green table runner is something everyone needs right? Mine always get so dirty though after a lovely dinner with friends (my friends are kinda messy, I must admit!) but with this lovely table runner, all I need to do it run it under the tap and it is as good as new again! It’s a win-win!!

5. Cats love artificial grass!

Does your furry friend like to scratch things? Then this item is a great alternative to plants! This artificial scratch pole will make your little tinkles feel right at home, plus, it looks great in your property, both inside and outside, so it will not disturb any feng-shuing you had going on!

6. Add some matching place settings

Wow, we’re going all the way here aren’t we?? And why not I say! Artificial grass should be embraced, should be everywhere and loved by all! … ok, sorry, I got a little too over excited there, but will you just look at these cute place settings! Who wouldn’t want these in their house!

7. Spice up your wardrobe

Now who would NOT want to be seen in this sophisticated yet playful number from the GRASSify collection?? We certainly would! You can, of course, make your own from your leftover artificial grass, or ask the designers at GRASSify to make you a bespoke fitted jacket. They are so ahead of their time don’t you think?

8. Get matching foot-ware

Well if you’re going to be a fashionista about it, then yes, please go all the way and match your outfit with these comfy and oh-so fashionable clogs. They are all the rage these days, and very easy to manufacture at home using some superglue and your left over artificial grass!

9. Step into something more comfy!

Clogs not really your thing? Why not try the same but then using your flip-flops! It’s like walking on freshly cut grass all year round from the moment you put them on! Now if this won’t improve your mood, we don’t know what will!

10. Drive around in style!

Now this idea is sure to make heads turn all the way to the bank (or supermarket, or cinema, where was it you were going?). All you need is a bit of heat /water / wind resistant super sticky glue (seriously, make sure it sticks, we don’t need any accidents now) and your leftover artificial grass and you’ll be the talk of the town! (for all the right reasons of course!)


11. Drive around in style! (VO2)

Or, if you’re under 18 and not yet have a car, or you just love driving around on your moped then this one might fit you better! Again, make sure the artificial grass sticks properly, and we’re pretty sure this is not legal in all countries, so let’s just say we’ve warned you! :)

12. Drive around in style! (VO3)

Oh, you’re more of a sporty type are you? Good for you! :) Then we have this little green example. You will fit right in when crossing around in the hillsides! But don’t forget where you left your bike! The camouflage is pretty accurate and we don’t want you to loose your bike in the middle of a field!

13. Just go nuts!

So this example is a little extreme, but for those of you that are super fanatic about their artificial grass, you will love this one. Just stick the green stuff everywhere! On your walls, your floors, your furniture, and really create a super green natural environment in your home, or office. You could even get a couple of plush rabbits, sheep and perhaps a cow and you’re done! It’s like living on a farm but without all the hard work! Result!

14. Make a doormat

We like to call this a little “taster” of all the green goodness that’s to come once you enter this door… you might call it a doormat. Whatever you call it, you will love it the same. This doormat will not only brighten up your home, they are so easy to clean! And very cost effective!

15. Something for the fish

Aside from decorating your own home with artificial grass, what about the home of your beloved pet fish? They would love a bit of green in their life Although we’re pretty sure they are colourblind, it will at least look good for you! So get in there and give your floating friends a bit of a makeover at home!

16. Design it yourself!

Forget Gucci, Louis Vitton or any other brand that charges a small fortune for a simple accessory like a handbag. Bring on the GRASSify Purse! You will definitely stand out from the crowd and it will be the object everyone talks about at any party!

17. Mobile Phone Case

Now you can buy this artificial grass mobile phone case from Amazon, or keep your pennies in your pocket and make this item yourself! You would still need a plastic case, but you would find that cheap in a Chinese store or market, and some superglue we suspect but once you have these items, you’re good to go! So original!

18. Say “I Do”

If your partner is equally crazy about artificial grass then, first of all, congratulations, but secondly, this item will seal this match made in heaven! We’re not entirely sure how long they will last, but taking great care we’re sure it will be at least a while!

19. Make her shine!

And while we’re on the subject of jewelry, what about these amazing earrings! They totally match the rings, so now all you need is a dress and the wedding’s complete! (we would strongly advise against an artificial grass wedding dress, but if that’s what rocks your boat, you go girl!)

20. The big day

And so now it is your big day and you want your guests to understand how important artificial grass is for you. Well, after all, you have devoted your life to it, you love it and want to tell the world about it! So there’s no better way than through these cute place name cards… OMG I want these at my wedding!

21. Grassy house number

These are so cute and very easy to make! You will be the envy of all your neighbours with these original house numbers. All you need is some wood, leftover artificial grass, and the number of your home in metal or also wood. Fantastic idea don’t you think?

22. Covering the toilet

Ah, the bathroom, we haven’t even touched the surface with all the great things you can use artificial grass leftovers for! Link decorating your toilet! Now that’s an original idea! This will really spruce up your bathroom!

23. Going Potty

Don’t just think of you and your toilet experience, think of your furry friend too! These cute artificial turf potting systems are available to purchase online, but you can quite easily make them yourself using your leftover artificial grass! What are you waiting for! Your pooch can’t wait to have a go!

24. Stairway to heaven

This is a very original way to decorate your stairs. It is unique and very quirky, normal carpets are soooo last year won’t you agree? So in comes artificial grass to decorate those stairs, making it soft for your feet and decorative for your home.

25. Sweet Dreams

Right, so your garden is all done, your decor is up to date, your pets are looked after, including the goldfish,  you even have your transport sorted, and your wedding has been dealt with too.  Time for a nap we think! And where better to have a nap than in your garden on this awesome artificial grass inspired bed! That looks very inviting indeed!

So there you have it. 25 ways to use artificial grass using offcuts from your artificial garden! Most of these are very useful, some are a bit crazy (but we’re not judging!) and others are products that are actually available to buy online! So if you’re very crea… why not start your own Etsy shop selling your artificial grass produce!

Either way, we would love to know what you think so leave us your thoughts in the commends section or if you have any other ways to use artificial grass, share it with us! We’re always up to try something new!

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