How much do you know about artificial grass? Here are 3 things you might not know yet:

  1. It Can Last Up to 20 Years

Yes, you read right Artificial grass can last up to 20 years in gardens with very low traffic however even in a domestic garden with 3 children high quality artificial grass is expected to last up to 10 years and beyond if cared for. It has been designed to deal with the wear and tear of the average garden. If you put together what you spent on a natural lawn in 20 years and the initial cost of artificial grass, you’ll find that it’s a really good investment not only in cost savings but time too.

  1. Great Sound Absorber

Artificial grass acts as a fantastic sound insulator. This is especially advantageous for areas where there’s lots of noise due to traffic, or in office lobbies where foot traffic makes it really annoying on the ears. We have performed artificial grass installations on walls and ceilings to absorb sound and create a very fun environment to work or play in. Artificial grass is very versatile in its applications.

  1. Designed not to fade

There’s been a lot of hard work and expertise gone into the development of our artificial grass to ensure that the products last a long time, so it needs to be sure to Cool artificial grass ideaskeep its colour. One of the signs of a healthy natural lawn is its beautiful vibrant green colour and if you finally decide to go for artificial grass you’ll be able to enjoy that lush green colour all year round. The substance used in synthetic lawns to colour the very material used in artificial grass is designed and tested worldwide in all conditions with a variety of pressures that grass is put under, like changing weather, UV rays and general wear and tear mainly from football mad children and excitable dogs.

So here you have it, 3 more reasons to consider an artificial grass installation.

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