GRASSify Artificial Grass London & Marbella

Proud to bring you luxury UK made artificial grass, supplied or installed for trade / public, realistic soft & 8 years warranty

Our Grass Roots

When GRASSify first started in 2010 we imported a vast amount of artificial grass from China only to find that the samples were not corresponding with the quality of some of the rolls.

In despair and after going through the motions of being close to admitting failure and giving up I was lucky enough to discover a much better Artificial Grass which is manufactured in the UK, at a time when the largest player in our industry left the seat and starting importing grass from overseas themselves we were given the opportunity to fill the space and we leaped for it!

Shipping Artificial Grass

We ship our grass not only to London but across Europe and internationally to wealthy expats who only want the best for their home away from home.

The artificial grass always looks like the sample does and we have never had to question the quality or durability of our artificial grass.

In fact we are so confident that we are happy to give you an 8 year guarantee on your artificial grass installation.

Our Services

We sell to the trade and public and offer a professional artificial grass installation service across London and throughout the UK.
All of our artificial grass is UK made and we keep stock in our London warehouse in Wimbledon SW19 and Putney SW15 and our GRASSify artificial grass collection all come with an 8 year UV warranty for your peace of mind that it will stand the test of time in the elements.

Artificial Grass London

South West London is our playground and from here we organise your artificial grass transformations for residential gardens, schools, sports, rooftops, balconies and commercial spaces.
We offer a fully fitted installation service as well as a same day collection or 24-48 hour delivery services to our London trade clients such as landscapers, artificial grass installers, even architects and garden designers.
We also supply an artificial grass installation guide with FREE telephone and email support for our DIY customers which we encourage and support. 

Artificial Grass Marbella

We have recently started supplying artificial grass in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain, and have been very successful in the first 6 months of operation. So much so that we have now decided to place a permanent dedicated GRASSify team in the sunny resort.

Artificial Grass in Marbella is not much different from the grass we supply in the UK, and the same professional installations are required to ensure maximum pleasure and green lawns for 365 days per year.

Our customers in Marbella will realise the savings they make quite quickly as they no longer have to water their lawns during the hot summer months and because we use UV stabilised artificial grass, their lawn will not fade, not even in the enduring Mediterranean sun.

Meet The Team!


Transport Director
Cool artificial grass ideas

GRASShopper is the oldest and most valued member of the GRASSify pack. He is also the most trusted member but can get a little cranky at times, especially when he’s thirsty.

GRASShopper can be relied on to get everyone for A to B in an efficient and timely manner, as long as you stroke him once in a while, GRASShopper likes to be stroked…


GRASShopper is not like other GRASShoppers our there… he is a little shy and prefers to stay in and watch TV with the family. His favourite past time is getting his oil changed (but who doesn’t like a bit of oil changing action once in a while!) and dislikes bugs… any kind of bug really, they make his hair look messy…

Favourite grass:

GRASShopper doesn’t really have a favourite grass since he is not allowed on any… he has started to dislike grass a little bit. He was parked on grass not so long ago, and he was really comfy because it was the Lounge PLUS variety, and he loves that one, then someone came and heavy handedly moved him off the luxury artificial grass variety and it was really stressful… he doesn’t like talking about it… lets move on…

Agnes started her career as a teacher but her move to London 3 years ago resulted in her developing an interest in social media marketing further.

Agnes is full of knowledge and charisma; she adds strength to the team and heads up the company’s social media strategy moving the company forward in a positive direction.


Agnes loves variety so you might see her dancing salsa or ballroom dances one day, on a gig on the next and trying something new (e.g. paragliding) on another. At the minute she is extremely excited about preparing for her “Round the World Trip” next year.

Favourite grass:

“Bounce has such a luxurious look and it feels so nice to touch and for me that’s the absolute winner.”

Jake is a great asset to the GRASSify artificial grass team. He has a positive attitude and nothing is ever too much to ask. Jake is creative and always up for a challenge (and we do get the occasional challenge!)

We call Jake the GRASSifyer, as he adds that little extra GRASSification to your GRASSify experience. Don’t believe us? Try us out and discover what that means!


Jake loves football & sports of any kind pretty much, in his spare time he manages a football team as well as working alongside charitable community projects. Jakes passion for doing productive things with his time makes him well organised and very good at anything he applies himself to. In particular his love for sports make him our artificial grass sports expert, he deals with all enquiries for artificial putting greens, artificial 3G football pitches and artificial grass tennis courts.

Jake also enjoys travelling the world, but most of all, he loves making people’s gardens look awesome using GRASSIfy luxury artificial grass (see what we did there?)

Favourite grass:

Jake is a big fan of the Finesse LITE edition as he loves sprucing up tired looking balconies and terraces making them into little artificial grass paradises even on the 17th floor!

He also feels that the Finesse LITE gives you a more natural looking artificial grass which makes it ideal for extension roof coverings and other areas where sand fill can not be used.

Joe grew up in South west London, as an entrepreneur and people person he brings heaps of enthusiasm to the company.

Since October 2010 Joe decided that being trapped in the office was no longer desirable so he managed to team up with some Kew qualified gardeners carrying out garden design work gaining valuable knowledge of the industry.

Joe is dedicated to working hard and getting results, above all his passion is really in the day to day dealing with his clients, seeing the artificial grass projects come to fruition and ensuring that the customer left 100% satisfied, he gets his kick’s out of pleasing people.


You can find Joe spending his free time roller skating,  surfing (well trying to!) or rock climbing. His dream is to travel around the world with his family. Joe enjoys learning new languages and in the future he hopes to see GRASSify pioneering an International operation as a big with small business morals!

He has become a prominent spokesperson for the artificial gras industry giving expert advice to various journalists for newspapers, online blogs and other organisations. His mission is to make artificial grass as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. He is always happy to offers artificial grass advice or information upon request so give Joe a call if you need artificial grass help.

Favourite grass:

“A tough choice but personally I am a fan of the Finesse artificial grass, it’s super soft to touch and it also has that light brown layer of curls which gives it that more realistic  look. You will love walking on it barefoot and Finesse DELUXE is especially great for rolling around with the dog or the kids”

We call Robert the GRASS expert becuase he has a bit of a knack of remembering the most peculiar grass facts. for example:

Natural grasses have evolved to grow at their base instead of their tips in order to protect themselves unlike most plants. This allows them to be grazed or burned without receiving any damage to their growing points and allows them to regrow quickly.

Did you know this? Well we also learn something new everyday with Rob around!


Robert is very sporty, he loves football, squash and cycling. Rob is also our connoisseur for wine, he has an extensive knowledge about fine wines and is always giving clients some great wine finding tips!

Rob enjoys travelling and spending time with his family and friends, all summer long you will find him in his flip flops making the most of the great weather!

Favourite grass:

Rob adores the Finesse DELUXE for one reason only… he likes to walk barefoot over the lucious artificial grass of an evening with a glass of his finest wine and home made Italian food, Finesse DELUXE is just the perfect grass to do this on… it’s super dense and soft and feels great between your toes!

Stuart comes from a hard landscaping & engineering background, he grew up in South Africa without the confined spaces of the concrete jungle and this is where his passion for artificial grass stems from.

He shares our dream of bringing more green to our city landscapes in areas that cannot grow grass naturally.

Stuart has a vast range of experience within the design and construction industry. He comes to us with a wealth of landscaping knowledge. He shares our view that artificial grass is a great alternative to mud or concrete not to real grass!


Stuart enjoys playing poker, rock climbing and a spot of tennis from time to time. He is also a keen gardener and works with organic farms across the country in his spare time

Favourite grass:

“Summer plush in particular is my choice as it reminds me of the summer grass in Kwazulu Natal. It’s so well admired that it’s actually mentioned in the song “green are the hills of Natal”

Tony is our valued team member in Marbella, Spain. He works with Spanish Joe and we are so pleased he does or else no work would be done all day! Toby is excited about introducing GRASSify to Spain, he feels many more people should opt to have Artificial lawns in Spain as it looks and feels great and will save the country a lot of water, especially during the dry summers!


Toby works hard so when he is off, he loves to relax and go out with his friends. He loves going to the beach and making a camp fire but equally enjoys going into the mountains on a track and enjoy the countryside.

Favourite grass:

Toby’s favourite grass is the BOUNCE LITE because it is soft and bouncy (the clue is in the name!). He has installed many Bounce LITE grass varieties in Marbella and his clients have always been so pleased with the results he now recommends it to everyone!

Tom is a final year English and Drama undergraduate at the University of Bristol.

He grew up in London and has brought his creative talents to a wide and somewhat weird variety of projects, including ventures into catch-up TV, graduate recruitment work and most recently working as the glorifier of artificial grass!

Tom’s greatest strength lies in his passion for people; always willing to crack a joke and a smile, Tom will work as hard as possible to make everyone around him as happy as possible.


Tom spends his free time travelling the world on his limited student budget, playing a wide variety of sports, hanging out with friends and reading book after book after book. Tom lives his life by the wise words of the modernist philosopher, Mario Balotelli – ‘YOLO’

Favourite grass:

“Tom is a diehard fan of the Bounce grass. As a mixture of energy and occasional idiocy, Tom sees the benefit of a uniquely soft layer underfoot which is just as useful for stroking the soles of your feet as it is for preventing the smashing of glasses which certain clumsy people might drop on the floor with ridiculous frequency!”

Happy Customers

Don’t just take it from us! Here’s what our clients have to say:

Fantastic, quick, affordable service that transformed our roof terrace to somewhere we can actually hang out and have BBQ! Thank you GRASSify.

Thank you!
Jason See | Architect

I was referred to GRASSify by our friend’s who had their garden done. Our kids absolutely love it and they can roll around without getting covered in mud, so do both of our dogs who are constantly laying on it now. It’s hassle free compared to our old garden and the dog mess is much better to manage!

Great for Kids
Carly Harsh | Home Owner | West Sussex

GRASSify were just great to deal with, I had my choice of grass delivered and laid in less than a week from my first phone call and even got £100 cash back for referring my next door neighbour, what a result

Great service
Ben Knowles | Home Owner | North London

Old lawn out and beautiful new lawn laid in one and half days. Joe and his men carried out the work professionally and efficiently leaving my garden looking totally transformed. Now I have no moving, wedding, moss or soggy patches, just a well manicured lawn 365 days of the year.I am delighted with the end result and would recommend GRASSify to anyone considering artificial lawn.

Old lawn out, new lawn in!
Home Owner | London SW3

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