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Artificial Grass and Dogs

GRASSify Artificial Grass Employee

Man’s Best Friend…

Tired of muddy paws in your house and brown patches in the garden? Let artificial grass make your life a little easier…

Easy to clean…

When your dog needs to go, he needs to go… Artificial grass makes cleaning up any mess quick and easy. With no soil for waste to mix with, accidents simply sit on top of the lawn ready for you to clean up in one simple scoop.

Steer clear of chemicals…

Artificial grass requires no pesticides so you can rest assured your dog will not be exposed to nasty chemicals, and as weeds and pests such as fleas do not thrive on artificial grass there is no need for fertilizers, making your garden a pet safe zone.

Say goodbye to muddy paws…

We all know the rain likes to pay us a fair few visits in the UK. But when the rain falls we know muddy paws in the house will follow… Not with artificial grass!

Dog on artificial grass installation
No more holes…

Artificial grass is designed to be durable to withstand foot-traffic, paw-traffic and most importantly a dog’s tendency to dig.

Bless you…

Artificial grass is hypoallergenic, so dogs with allergies, especially those that are sensitive to grass, can still enjoy sunny days in the garden without the concern of any nasty reactions. It’s not only humans who suffer during the summer months!

Less stress…

Artificial grass is soft and cushiony, which reduces stress on dog joints and paws.

So don’t just treat yourself with GRASSify’s artificial grass… treat your pet too!

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Fantastic, quick, affordable service that transformed our roof terrace!

Jason See


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