Dogs just love our grass. Check why artificial grass is great for pets!

If you are wondering, is artificial grass the best option for your dogs and artificial grass for dogs, artificial grass for gardens, artificial grass for kids, artificial grass for golf, artificial grass for pets, dogs, astro turf for dogs, pets, battersea dogs home, artificial grass london dogs,other pets? We can assure you they will simply love it! We haven’t met a pooch yet that hasn’t ran onto the lawn for a back scratch as soon as we pick up our tools and tidy up to leave!

However, our customers ask this question so very often and so we would like to explain to you a few reasons why artificial grass is a great option for your friend.

  • Artificial grass offers you a soft underfoot that your dog’s paws will love!
  • The constant running around of pets will make most natural grass look brown and tired. You won’t experience this problem with artificial grass for dogs, which is perfectly suited to bear your pets activity
  • Our artificial grass for dogs is completely safe, 100% lead free and non-toxic for your dogs and other pets so you have complete peace of mind they are always safe.
  • Artificial grass is a perfectly green surface 365 days a year. What’s more is our artificial grass for dogs and other pets is just so easy to clean up after them once installed. They will enjoy a good roll around and a good scratch without bringing heaps of mud into the house. It’s a long-term low maintenance lawn solution.
  • Artificial grass supplied and installed by GRASSify Artificial Grass London, has come up against a number of large and very excitable dogs in our time, including our favourites, Rhodesian Ridgeback Neo and Stella the great German Shepard (Both Shown Above). Fortunately GRASSify artificial grass is just too tough and robust to be chewed or dug through, we challenge your dog to the test?

Will you get your Pet this wonderful Christmas present this year?

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