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Artificial grass for photoshoots & film sets

Artificial grass pitch and running track.

Artificial Grass for Photoshoots & Film Sets

Recently we have noticed an influx in requests for artificial grass for photoshoots and film sets. Artificial grass for hire that is.

Not only is artificial grass a great background for a product shoot and will blend in well especially if your background is set in a forest, it is also very versatile since artificial grass comes in so many colours these days.

Furthermore, some film shoots simply have to take place indoors, and you have to have realistic artificial grass to ensure your fans believe what you are trying to show them!

Here’s some examples of why artificial grass for hire is a great idea for the photo and film industry:

1.It makes the set look real.

Regardless if it is for a photoshoot or a film set, artificial grass will make your set look realistic and lush without even having to leave the studio. Especially if you are shooting with a green screen, the right artificial grass will blend in naturally with the background and have your viewers be none the wiser.

2.Gives a clear message

If you are selling a product that is to be used in the outdoors, you want to show your buyer where they can use your product. That is why artificial grass if often used in the promotion of sports gear, garden tools and outdoor furniture. And you don’t want to be setting up a whole set outside for each furniture set right? That is why it is done indoors with the use of artificial grass.


3.It’s all about the light

Sometimes when shooting a movie or making product images, you need to be there just at the right time to get the perfect lighting… but nobody has time for that nowadays do they? This is why these shoots are often done indoors with artificial lights and… artificial grass! This way the producers and photographers can control the light and take as much time as they need to get the perfect shot!

4.Because it sells

Selling a property isn’t easy these days, and especially if the home you are trying to sell looks a bit worse for wear. It has been proven that images of homes with lush green grass would get 30% more viewings than images that did not have this feature. – Of course you are going to have to explain on the day of the viewing what happened to that lush green lawn that was so temptingly presented in the images, but you might then distract the viewer with the other features of that property and still get a sale!

5.Because it’s fake

Yes you might aswel call a cow a cow… artificial grass is not real, but that makes it all the more interesting to use on sets that show “unreal” things! Especially in cases of horror movies or fantasy films is artificial grass used the most. It makes it easier for the producers to create a set of something that does not exist in reality but still make the viewer believe there might be a chance…

These are some of the ways artificial grass for hire is used on tv sets and photoshoots, and there’s a strong increase of enquiries about this service now as our artificial grass is so realistic, it saves film producers and photographers thousands of pounds to use artificial grass over a shot on location.

If you would like to know more about our artificial grass hire services, then click here.

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