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Artificial grass hire for events

Artificial grass hire for events.

Artificial Grass Hire for Events

If you are wondering how to make your event more unique, look cleaner and more natural all the while staying within budget and without the extra manpower then you should read this blog.

Since we launched our artificial grass hire services at the beginning of this year, our phone has not stopped ringing with people asking us to supply artificial turf for their event. Anything from weddings, ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate events to sporting events, you ordered, we delivered.

But what is so great about artificial grass at events, and why should you add this to your event budget too?

1. It looks amazing

Even though artificial grass hire  for events has only become popular in the last year or so, and we supplied and installed artificial grass for thousands of events, it still amazes us what a difference artificial grass makes to the decor of an event.

It can instantly lift a room and make it look fresh and clean. It also helps covering up stained carpets and especially in colder places, it has been known to warm a room up significantly.

2. It is cost effective

Whether you hire a room, area or tent, one thing will be for sure, you are getting old and boring carpet to go with it, or you need to fork out to even lay a floor in the first place!

Not only will artificial grass add to your decoration instantly, you will get a rich and full “carpet” of lush green grass for practically the same price as re-carpeting.

This means you will spend less on other decorations to cover up the horrible ugly floor and your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the natural and fresh decor



3. It is save and comfortable

Imagine walking down the aisle in your perfectly white dress and it getting all dirty and soggy because  it rained last night or the grass is just not looked after very well. Not to mention all your invited guests on high heals sinking away in the grass or the sand?

You can stop worrying now because artificial grass for hire for weddings will take all those worries away (now you only have another 999 things to worry about for your big day!)

Artificial turf will not only look great for your wedding, it will make sure your guests can walk comfortably around the outdoor areas, there will be no uncomfortable stumbles down the aisle and afterward you can just roll it up and send it back! No mess to clean!

4. It is eye-catching

You are going to an exhibition, great, so are about 300 other companies… so how do you stand out from the crowd? That’s right! Artificial turf!

Many companies now choose artificial grass to decorate their stand at large exhibitions, not just the floors but the walls too! Making their stand look bigger, brighter and more eye-catching than that of their competition.

Imagine you are a real estate agent selling properties, would it not be nice to have a chat with your clients on a bench on your artificial grass like you were in a garden? It will make them feel comfortable instantly!

5. It is easy

Compared to traditional carpets, artificial grass is so much better for your event. Not only does it look good and add ot your decor, it is super easy to clean… and you don’t even have to do the cleaning!

People might drop some food, drinks or confetti might have been thrown around. In normal circumstance the venue might charge you for the cleaning of that and the carpet hire company might not be too pleased with the end result. But with artificial grass you simply don’t have that problem!

We come to collect, no matter how dirty the grass is, we will simply roll it up and go, for it to be jet washed after each use. Simple, clean and MUCH better for the environment don’t you think!


So now you know why artificial grass for hire for events is so popular, what are you waiting for! Visit our artificial grass for hire page and contact us today to add a bit of that artificial GRASSification to your event too!

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