GRASSify Artificial Grass Hire for all your events, photoshoots, film sets & more

We offer artificial grass hire in rolls of 2m or 4m wide by any length, or for an easier installation at your event, try our brand new pop-up pitch artificial grass tile system, which almost anyone can install themselves!

GRASSify believes in using only high-quality artificial grass, not just for permanent installations, but equally for temporary set-ups for hire. Products include landscape grass, sports products, coloured grass even grass with your own personalised logo stitched in for that ultra-cool, professional look.

Artificial Grass for Photoshoots

Regardless of whether you are trying to sell furniture, shoes, clothes or tools, one thing’s for sure – anything looks better on a nice lush green background!

GRASSify can supply any type of artificial grass to suit your photoshoot setup. A lush green grass type will create a soft finish, whilst colourful grass types will put some spice in the shoot, or perhaps go for a short and hard cut to make your product stand out.

And what’s more, we will come to install the artificial grass and will take it away again so no mess and no hard work for a fraction of the price!

Our prices are competitive, but you will still get the best quality artificial grass for your shoot. We cut no corners and our team is flexible and punctual as always!

Artificial Grass for TV and Film

Artificial grass has widely been used on TV and film sets, and for good reason! You don’t always shoot the same scene on the same day, and you can’t have any discrepancies in the colour of your grass between scenes! Furthermore, if actors wear high heels, you can’t have them stumbling on set because their heels are getting stuck in the mud!

That is why GRASSify is one of the most popular suppliers of artificial grass for film sets. We supply, install and deliver artificial grass anywhere in Europe and can even supply to different shooting locations.

Furthermore, at GRASSIfy we understand the importance of sticking to a budget when shooting a film, that is why we offer the most competitive prices on all our artificial grasses for hire, all the while maintaining excellent quality throughout.

Artificial Grass for Events

Nowadays it is very common to see artificial grass used at events. It gives a fresh and natural look to any event and helps to keep floors clean and soft to walk on.

Our event turf (artificial grass for events) is used at any type of event including:

Personal Events
Corporate Events

Artificial Grass for Sporting Events

If you are looking for the experts in supplying artificial grass for sports & events then look no further. We have installed artificial grass for sporting events all over the UK including the  O2 Star Sixes in 2017.

We will send a dedicated team to your sporting event, no matter how large or small, and professionally install the right turf for the right event. We will also supply the shock-pads to reduce sports injuries and to keep the artificial grass in place no matter how high the traffic on the pitch!

Our artificial sports grass comes in a variety of colours and shapes and can fit practically any sports ground. even after bad weather, your pitch could look green and lush ready for the big match.

Our special sports grass is durable, even for the roughest of matches, and can be installed in under 2/3 hours. We will also clear the area once the match is over, so you have nothing to worry about and your grounds are returned clean as if nothing ever took place!

We are proud to be one of the main providers of artificial grass hire in London. We have worked for the nation’s most prestigious companies and events, at venues up and down the country. Clients just love our artificial grass for hire!

We are available to hire and install 50cm x 50cm Pop-Up Pitches, grass tiles for hire, hire artificial grass for events, photoshoots, film and TV industry, as well as a whole host of other settings, including artificial grass hire for weddings, ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and so much more!

Please find below a list of some of our services, but we can practically deliver artificial grass for hire for anything, so please contact us to enquire about your event! Our super-friendly team will talk you through your options.

You can install the grass yourself or have one of our professional install teams take the hassle out of your hands – quite literally! Hire artificial grass installed is a popular choice as it means you can focus on other aspects of your event, leaving you worry-free!

If you would like a quotation for your artificial green wall installation, or if you have any questions, please call us on 0207 993 9083 or contact us here.

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