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Artificial Grass In London: 5 Benefits In The Summer

Artificial grass lawn in a London back garden.

Artificial grass has so many benefits! Do you want a clean, minimal effort and safe place for the kids to play? Well, say no more! GRASSify are here to help! There are many reasons why our customers transform their gardens in London with us, with many of them wishing they’d done it sooner. We’re here to tell you why you should get artificial grass in London this summer!

No More Dirt

A green garden is a great investment! Imagine your children being able to run and play all day in a safe place with no dirt or grime to worry about, we can help you create a haven for the whole family.

Many of our customers who install artificial grass report that the whole family can now spend more time outside, all year round, without the need to worry about dirt and mess. Artificial grass means that you’ll have no more muddy puddles or pawprints trailing through your home!

Safe For Your Pets

One of the other reasons why people choose artificial grass is for their four-legged friends! Artificial grass for pets is completely safe for all cats, dogs and many more species – even lizards! 

It’s super easy to clean, free from toxic materials such as lead, as well as being super soft – your pooches will love it! Visit our Instagram to see just how much our GRASSify pets love their artificial grass.

Minimal Effort For Homeowners

Even if you’re a professional, how often do you have to mow and trim your lawn? It can sometimes be all too much for the average homeowner, especially in the summer months! All you need to do is give your new artificial grass a quick brush with a stiff broom and you’re all set. You can expect to see it go through all seasons in London, without having to spend so much time on maintenance. 

If your pets use it as a bathroom, a quick rinse with a hose will see it cleaned up in no time. At GRASSify, we also offer a maintenance service, to keep your artificial lawn looking fresh all year round, get in touch for a quote.


Safe Environment For Kids To Play

It’s important to consider the safety of the kids in your garden, especially when the weather takes a turn. Not only is mud slippery when wet, but it can potentially cause injuries. GRASSify artificial grass can be installed with shock pads, softening the ground and reducing the chance of serious injury. 

We use our shock pads in our playground, school and sports applications, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your artificial grass is as safe as possible! We make sure that everyone, not just adults, will be able to use the artificial grass!

Allergen-Free Outdoor Enjoyment

For individuals with allergies or sensitivities, spending time outdoors during the summer can be a challenge. Natural grass often harbors pollen, weeds, and other allergens that can trigger unpleasant symptoms. Artificial turf eliminates these concerns, providing a hypoallergenic surface that won’t irritate allergies. 

Say goodbye to sneezing fits and itchy eyes, and welcome a worry-free outdoor experience on your artificial lawn. Whether it’s hosting outdoor parties or enjoying family activities, artificial turf ensures a comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy.


When you’re a homeowner, you don’t only need to worry about having a clean house, maintaining the property, or investing in new carpets. You should also take care of your garden as well! However, many people still forget to take care of this part. The only thing you need is a little bit of assistance and you’ll have a beautiful garden for the whole family!

Want to get the ball rolling? Hop on over to our Contact page to get in touch!

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