A perfect pitch for Star Sixes in O2 London

Installed by GRASSify!

Finally the day is here! We have started the installation of Artificial Grass for the world famous Star Sixes in the O2 Arena this July.

Star Sixes is a competitive six-a-side indoor football tournament where former international players are chosen to represent a senior national team for which they played.

All the greats in one arena, there’s no room for error in the grass installation, so the experts have been called in!

The line-up includes many huge names from the football world, including of course our very own Steven Gerrard, Brazil’s Rivaldo Italy’s Alessandrio del Piero and Germany’s Micheal Ballack to name but a few. The pressure is on to deliver. These legends are used to the finest and most advanced pitches, and we plan to exceed all their expectations…. in just 48 hours!

Let the Games Begin!

With GRASSify’s most exclusive Artificial Grass Installation

To add to the pressure of installing artificial grass on such a high profile event, we were also presented with the task to finish the installation in as little as 48 hours!  Bring out the big guns!

Not only does this installation have to be just as perfect as all our other installations, it has to withstand a bit of a beating over a short period of time. Furthermore, we want to make sure these legends don’t know better than they are playing on real grass so we have chosen our finest most hardwearing artificial grass range to ensure the boys won’t know the difference!

We start with the warm-up area…

Warm-up both for the players and our GRASSify team! The real work is only just getting started!

Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London

Then over to the main field

We worked 24 hours non stop taking shifts to make sure the field was delivered in pristine condition.

The Final result!

48 hours later and miles and miles of artificial grass, joining tape, shockpads and many cans of red bull, the pitch for the Star Sixes looks immaculate and ready to welcome some of the worlds best football players for the Star Sixes Tournament.

And then… it’s kick off!

We have to admit, we’re a little proud watching from the sidelines with a beer in one hand and the other in the air cheering on our favorite players. Now all we have to do is wait (and get some sleep!) before we have to take it all down again.

And what will happen to all this luscious artificial grass?? well… stay tuned to find out who we’re donating our grass to![/ultimate_heading]

Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Image Credit: bleacherreport.com
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Image Credit: www.mirror.co.uk
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Image Credit: starsixes.com
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Image Credit: www.sportskeeda.com

Star Sixes Goals Highlights

See the boys at play on GRASSify’s artificial grass. Able to withstand even the toughest treatment! There’s no better way to test your artificial grass then to let the experts put it through its paces, and it seems we qualified!

If you are interested in artificial grass, no matter how large or small your garden or sports ground. Contact our team at GRASSify first. We install artificial grass all over the UK and are trusted by many small and large companies for our professional and long lasting artificial grass installations.

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