Realistic artificial green walls with natural looking plants and flowers

Explore the most realistic artificial green wall panels made to the highest quality available online. Our vertical garden wall panels will completely transform the look and feel of your home or commercial space. Unlike a real living wall, our artificial plant wall panels are all low maintenance and do not require irrigation systems or regular watering.

Modern Artificial Living Walls

Although Faux flower arrangements have improved vastly over the past decade, many cheap options still exist that have a tendency to look cheap and fade quickly, the artificial green living wall panels we source are always natural looking and luxurious.

Aside from the high maintenance cost of growing a real living plant wall, some spaces lack the weather conditions to grow such beautiful plants naturally. It is now possible even in a shaded garden, a balcony or roof terrace for everyone to own secret garden, an oasis, a spring bloom, the jungle foliage or forest ferns.

Best range of artificial vertical walls

We offer a wide varieties of plants, ferns, flowers and shrubs to suit every application with different colours, textures and shapes for a bespoke green wall installation.  These artificial living wall panels are robust and come with up to 5 years warranty and are all fire rated and flame retardant


You will find our vertical garden installations hiding weathered garden walls, in courtyards, restaurants, offices, balconies, rooftop gardens, bars and more. They are popular amongst interior designers, hotels, film shoots, events and wedding venues looking for the best fake plant products. We also hire artificial vertical green flower walls with optional installation included

Artificial Green Walls for Events

Nowadays it is very common to see artificial plant backgrounds used at events. It gives a fresh and natural look to any event to brighten up any space or create the outdoors indoors

Personal Events
Corporate Events

Easy to install artificial plant panels

Panels come in various sizes but all use the same easy to install method.

To join artificial green walls together simply click together using the hooks and loops attached to the grid on the back of the flower panel. You can add more to create a larger artificial hedge wall or vertical flower arrangement.

Depending on the surface you wish to install the panel to depends on the method:

Concrete surface, brick walls or frames usually require some suitable raw plugs, screw and large washers to keep the panels in place. We sell a bespoke fixing for the panel to be installed specifically designed for artificial living green wall installations.

Our team are always happy to discuss your installation and provide a free quotation for an artificial green wall installation if you would rather put your feet up and watch us do the hard work!

You can install these artificial green walls yourself or have one of our team do it for you! Fancy a go yourself? Click below to buy your artificial wall online today: 

Looking for the best company of realistic artificial green walls in London? You found us. We have worked for the nation’s most prestigious companies and events, at venues and homes up and down the country. Clients just love our products and our people.

We supply, install, hire and maintain artificial grass and are proud to launch our range of luxury vertical green walls

You can install yourself or have one of our professional install teams take the hassle out of your hands – quite literally! To hire artificial green wall panels is a popular choice as it means you can focus on other aspects of your event, leaving you worry-free, just saying!

If you would like a quotation for your artificial green wall installation, or if you have any questions, please call us on 0207 993 9083 or contact us here.

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