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Following our recent work at The O2 in London, (CLICK HERE to read more about GRASSify at the Star Sixes) where we transformed the iconic venue into a state-of-the-art football pitch (described by Paul Merson as the best artificial grass pitch he has ever played on!) the team at GRASSify have felt inspired…

Artificial grass doesn’t have to only be used as an alternative to a natural grass lawn; you can use GRASSify’s grass for garden or home decoration or even to create a sports playground in your own home. Here are some of our favourite non-traditional artificial grass ideas:

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Bring green indoors…

Brighten up your bedroom or living room with an artificial grass wall or paneling,

You can also use it to replace rugs and mats, or for more innovative landscaping designs that complement your home decor. The green hue is a great accent against other materials such as wood and stone and the natural vibe creates a warm and inviting space with a contemporary feel.

Play in the grass….

We all know young kids love to play in the garden, although sometimes it’s too hot in the summer months and the winter season often boasts endless rainy days therefore an alternative indoor play area is a fantastic solution. Lay an artificial grass carpet or rug in your playroom and reap the benefits. The shock absorbency it provides is especially useful in preventing injuries plus its easy to clean, odourless and offers a strong base for children’s beds, slides and other large toys.

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Transform your office…

Artificial grass flooring for indoor offices is hugely popular as the natural elements create a calming ambiance, ideal for brainstorming sessions and letting the creativity flow. Why not add some water fountains or water features to complement the zen-like atmosphere.

Let the games begin…

If you love golf and have a large garden, why not treat yourself, husband or kids to the ultimate garden transformation and install a putting green in your backyard. It is a great way to get your children outdoors rather than sat in front of the television or computer (and your husband as well!) This idea works well not only in gardens but also on roof terraces that are often barely used. If golf isn’t their thing, a football pitch or giant board game using coloured artificial grass are also achievable options.

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Time to relax with GRASSify…

If you love relaxing on the grass on a warm summer night, artificial grass can be a fabulous upholstery choice for love seats, couches and chairs. It is comfortable to touch and very durable, plus it can be hoovered like a regular fabric, it doesn’t hold dust and debris and doesn’t stain! Simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or hoover gently and enjoy relaxing on the grass whatever the weather!

Add a decorative touch…

If you don’t want to go all out with an artificial grass chair or rug, why not bring a touch of nature inside and opt for artificial grass cushions for your living room or conservatory. Alternatively artificial grass works wonders for wall art which can be personalised with anything from your initials, to your child’s name or perhaps your wedding date or house number. Another simple idea we love are the below grass placemats for a BBQ or garden party!

Whether you want to discuss your garden transformation, a home decor project or order an artificial grass chair! GRASSify are here to help, be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more artificial grass inspirational ideas or read our blog “25 ways to use artificial grass“.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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