With the John Lewis Christmas advert making an appearance on our screens and December fast approaching, we can officially begin to prepare for the festive period ahead. We thought we would share with you a few of our favourite ways to decorate your home with artificial grass this Christmas!
GRASSIfy, Artificial Grass in London

1. Christmas Tree Mats

You can’t beat the smell of a real tree, but we all know, like a natural lawn, a real tree requires a little extra care and attention. Make the tidy-up a little easier for yourself with a Christmas Tree Mat. Not only does it look good but you can protect your flooring or carpets from any scratches from the Christmas tree base or dropping needles. Plus when Christmas is over, just roll it up and put it away for next year.

Artificial Grass Christmas

2. Artificial Grass Table Runner

If you read our blogs you will know that we are a fan of this one but trust us it will really make your Christmas table come alive and it supplies a great backdrop to photograph your festive lunch spectacle! If it took you that long to cook, it deserves an Instagram worthy background! Be sure to tag us it you do @grassify_london

Artificial Grass Christmas

3. Christmas Wreath

This is a quick and easy one you can make yourself, you can maybe even use an offcut from your Christmas Tree Mat! Add a few flowers, faux berries or a ribbon to really make it sparkle and ensure your front door stands out this Christmas.

Artificial Grass Christmas

4. Artificial Grass Animals

Now this one is a little more difficult, there are lots of guides online for creating your own grass reindeers, or you could take the easy option and buy one readymade. While it may be a little investment, the beauty of an artificial grass animal is you can use it for years to come.

Artificial Grass Christmas

5. White Garden

Why not transform your front porch or backyard with a sheet of white ‘snow’ or in this case white artificial grass! Add a Christmas Tree, some lights and you have your very own Winter Wonderland!

Artificial Grass Christmas

So if you fancy getting creative with some of these quirky ideas give us a call at GRASSify for the best prices on offcuts ideal for adding that decorative touch.

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