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The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Spain (Marbella)

Por que necesita Cesped Artificial en Marbella

The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Marbella

New residents in Spain and, indeed, visitors on holiday are quite likely to be surprised by the grass lawns here. Stepping out in bare feet onto

a grass-covered garden in England is a soft, if often somewhat damp experience. However, put your bare feet on the Spanish ‘grass’ used in most urbanisations and private villa gardens and you’ll find it can be really rather painful to walk on. Examine it more closely, and you’ll see that it is not grass at all, but a shrub-like growth that covers the surface of the soil, rather like a horizontal creeper. Its tuberous stems are the tough bits that are unkind to the shoeless. There’s a wide variety of this grass, but many find the “grama” variety the most wearing in the hot climate.

Of course, the climate in northern Europe is quite different to that of southern Spain and the lawns in Marbella use this creeping type of grass because it is drought-resistant and needs less water than the ‘cool season’ grass you find in England, for example. Also, UK grass is what the experts refer to as ‘bunch type’, which means that when you get a bald patch, as happens frequently, you need to sow more seeds to repair it. The Spanish creeper variety self-repairs when damage occurs, hence its popularity in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol.

Introducing artificial grass in Marbella

However, we have great news for Marbella residents; you no longer need to fear the pain of stepping on Spanish grass, or maintaining a lawn, because GRASSify has brought artificial grass to Marbella and the Costa del Sol. This is the highest quality fake grass available and we are confident that when you see it, feel it and put your feet on it, you’ll be delighted and opt for this no-to-low maintenance lawn for your garden.

Presidents of urbanisations, we encourage you to talk to us about the advantages of GRASSify products not just in terms of the appearance of the communal gardens, but the economics of reducing the amount of time your gardeners need to spend on caring for the grass areas. Our new office in Marbella serves the whole Costa del Sol, so please contact us to arrange a no-obligations chat about how we can help.

Commercial artificial grass in Marbella

Private residential gardens and urbanisations are not the only spaces that can benefit from artificial grass in Marbella. We can demonstrate the ways in which property owners can update a balcony, terrace or patio with fake grass to make it more inviting and add that touch of green, which makes a place come alive.

With fake grass from GRASSify, nurseries and schools can create green areas that won’t turn brown in the hot sun and, most importantly, are cleaner and easier to keep clean. An artificial lawn space, or games pitch in a school means that children can happily enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

And speaking of games pitches, GRASSify can lay an artificial pitch for football clubs, padel courts and even golf courses. If you think that covering a course like Las Brisas, Santa Maria or Finca Cortesin in fake grass is a big ask, we’d say, yes, it’s a big area, but we can do it.

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