Not just content to GRASSify the gardens and sports pitches of the land, and inspired by our customers love of the feel of our artificial grass, we’ve turned our talents towards GRASSifying a range of grass crocs, flip flops and even waistcoats – all so you can enjoy that soft, luxurious tickle between your toes wherever you go!

Slip your feet in to lush lawn-like comfort while you breeze from lawn to B-B-Q, from pool swim to drinks on the terrace, and take that barefoot sensation with you. You’ll never have to singe your soles on hot tarmac or charcoal hot concrete again!

Enjoy that back-to-nature feeling with a pair of our grass flip flops and crocs. Featuring our beautifully soft, high quality, luxurious artificial grass our GRASSify footwear is:

  • Made from high quality synthetic grass, PVC and rubber materials
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable suitable for outdoors
  • Real-grass appearance
  • Unique and fun gift idea
  • Suitable for both adults and children

Our fun and festival-friendly GRASSified waistcoat loves being the centre of attention. A sure-fire conversation piece and immaculately groomed, this quirky wardrobe addition will guarantee you admiration from, if not the world, the dog.

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The deposit amount required as standard 50% of the total project. An 8% setup fee is paid in advance as well as the initial 50% deposit due at least 72 hours prior to installation. The above example is purely for demonstration purposes, each application is made individually, deposit amounts and terms may vary depending on your circumstances.


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