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Inspiring Ideas for Artificial Grass use this Christmas

Xmas wreath

Inspiring Ideas for Artificial Grass use this Christmas

Its November already! We are welcoming (or not!) darker weather, colder evenings, and what feels like shorter days – which means winter has made its arrival. However, this also means the season of joy will be upon us before we know it, so here at GRASSify we would like to share some Christmas spirit and top tips for using artificial grass in the festive season.

Artificial grass for christmas doesn’t have to be costly –imagine next year your wreath or adornments still looking as fresh as they did the year before – no need to reinvest in new decorations when you can recycle last years! And what fun if you’ve made this with family – a memorable piece of Christmas for all.

Artificial Grass for Christmas Wreath

A artificial grass wreath has to be one of our top choices. You can craft your very own wreath from artificial turf – and add your own decorations for that unique touch.

Wreaths can look great not only on your front door, but also inside the house, from your banister to your hallway, this is a fabulous way to decorate your home with your own personal touch, by adding decorations that may match any theme you are going with!

Making your wreath can also be a really enjoyable time to spend with family – making those precious memories that we are reminded of at Christmas, plus, you get to keep this one and use it year after year!

Artificial Grass for Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are big business these days! Long lasting, no pesky pine needles dropping and no need to get it in and out of the house! They are easy to put together, can be decorated in anyway and can add real warmth to your home during the festive period.

Artificial Grass for Christmas Tree Mat

Artificial grass tree mat is such a great idea to warm up any home, or if you have any pets, for them to relax on under the tree! The Christmas tree (or 2 if you are lucky enough!) is normally the main feature of one’s festive home decoration; however, sometimes the weight of these can be damaging to your carpets, or the Christmas tree stand may damage or mark the flooring, so if you are wishing for a solution – this is one of our top tree tips! Not only is it a brilliant resolution –  but what a wonderful way with an artificial grass mat – its a barrier between your tree and carpet, and it will also complement the natural aesthetic.

Artificial Grass for Christmas Table Runner

Christmas dinner is a time to bring the whole family together. If your dinners are anything like the ones we have at GRASSify – there are hot dishes flying about everywhere – needing placemats so that they don’t burn the table surface.

Which brings us to our next tip – why not use an artificial grass runner on your table not to only to protect its surface, but also a fantastic way to double up as a decorative feature, which of course you can adorn with any decorations of your choice, crackers, red berries, sequins, anything goes! Also – no need to worry about any spillages damaging the surface – the runner has endless Christmas cheer to give! Be sure to thoroughly wash them first!

Artificial Snow Scene

A snow scene is something that can really add to the magic of your Christmas festivities. Its super simple to make a snow scene from artificial grass. All you need is some white spray paint or fake snow– let It dry before you decorate with your scene (or any other festive fancies!) and there you have your very own winter wonderland.

Artificial Grass Animals

Winter esque animals can be some of the most popular Christmas decorations, and how about if you could make your own? Rudolph, cute penguins, or even a nativity animal, there are plenty of ideas you could craft from artificial grass.

You could add sparkle and lights to any of the animals to really bring them to life!

Get Creative This Christmas with GRASSify

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and with the help of our artificial grass (insert link) you’ll be able to create the perfect indoor wonderland.

GRASSify wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Take a look online at GRASSify for more innovative artificial grass uses – indoors and outdoors!

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