Installing Artificial Grass

At the O2 in London

GRASSify is the preferred supplier and installer of Artificial Grass in the UK and Mainland Spain. Our client portfolio ranges from private front and back gardens to large commercial or sports installations such as the Artificial Grass installation for the StarSixes event in the O2 London Arena in 2017.

But how do we install Artificial Grass? Not every fake grass installation is the same, it all depends on where the artificial grass is being installed. Is it indoors, outdoors, in a very wet area or super dry? Then there’s the question of what the artificial grass will be used for; there are artificial grass for Sports & Activities, leisure, or maybe will you require artificial grass for pets or children playing on the grass, or is it more of a feature and not to be walked on. All these factors play a role in deciding which grass is better for you and what type of artificial grass installation we recommend.

When installing artificial grass on your lawn or sports ground, we always do extensive research to ensure you can enjoy your new garden or recreational area for years to come. We have the experience and confidence to give you professional installation advice. It is as important for us as it is for you that your durable artificial grass looks fantastic for many years.

Below you can see the artificial grass installation of the StarSixes Event in the O2 London Arena this year, it’s not Astro turf but a short pile non infill artificial grass. It will give you a good idea on what is involved!

Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London
Artificial Grass for Star Sixes in O2 London

But even for private, smaller and more delicate installations should you call us first! Many gardens in the UK have had the GRASSify treatment and we have a plethora of happy clients to prove it! See our latest installation below. A quaint garden in the centre of the big city in desperate need of some GRASSification.

Before the GRASSification

Adding Our Sand Mixture

Applying Weed Membrane

Roll on the Grass!

Fix it real good!

More Grass

Making it stick...

Fix it even more...

Some GRASSification...

Get the dog's approval

Trim the edges...

It's Perfection!

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