Grass-roots: The History of Artificial Grass

Did you know that artificial grass has been around for over 50 years? Let’s delve into the history of artificial grass a little more!

The brand that created artificial grass goes by the name of Astroturf. Astroturf (originally ChemGrass) was co-founded in 1965, by business partners Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria, and Robert T. Wright. An employee for ChemGrass came up with the name Astroturf, as the first publicised installation was at the home of Houston Astros baseball team, in 1966.

This installation paved the way for hundreds of other sports teams to install Astroturf at their sports ground. However, the original short piled grass needed some development due to complaints regarding directionality and traction. They then decided to crimp the nylon strands after extrusion, and the product became immaculately uniform.

In the early 2000s, rival company FieldTurf began marketing a polyethylene, long pile turf to mimic natural lawn to be used commercially and residentially. This became known as ‘a third-generation turf’ and it turned the artificial grass industry upside down! FieldTurf and Astroturf battled in court over false accusations and claims that FieldTurf made. This resulted in Astroturf being awarded $1.5 million in compensation.

Over the past ten years, artificial grass has been produced for commercial properties, events, family gardens, football pitches and more. There are many different brands and variations of artificial grass, however, it’s important not to be confused with Astroturf, as it is a trademarked product!

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