Less screen time, more green time!

Over 77% of us have been doing more gardening than we usually would have, since the dreaded lockdowns began in April 2020. Having to spend more time at home has meant that we’ve gone out in our masses to transform our unloved gardens and outdoor spaces into a place that the whole family can spend time together.


Outdoor spaces are underutilised

It is without a doubt that one of the most important parts of any garden is the lawn. Outdoor spaces, for many families, are a large part of the home being underutilised. Kids are spending more time indoors too, which is why there has never been a better time to transform your garden into an enjoyable and fun environment.

Here at GRASSify, we’ve been solving our customers’ lawn issues for over a decade, transforming run-down and dilapidated lawns, into beautiful outdoor spaces that everyone can make the most of all year round! Our artificial grass in London has been used not just for gardens, but also balconies, terraces and so much more!

Artificial grass gets everyone outdoors

Artificial grass for kids is a fantastic way to create a clean, safe and enjoyable outdoor space. Soft on the skin and super hard-wearing, artificial grass for kids allows them to play to their heart’s content. No need to worry about mud, high maintenance, mowing, germs and other nasties. You can forget about the muddy trail of destruction running through the house too!

With a GRASSified space, your children will benefit more from the great outdoors. Our free-draining aggregate sub-base that we professionally install, means it’s quicker to dry after rain, too. We hope for the next generation this will mean less screen time and more green time for teens and other young children, something we believe many people will agree is a subject of concern for most parents these days!

Our family-run, honest and friendly team will help you choose and install your perfect artificial grass in London and beyond. Give our team a call today to start your journey with GRASSify Artificial Grass!

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