One of the most well-known artificial grass benefits is the water saving, but how does this actually work? Check this short article to learn more about artificial grass water cost savings.

How does artificial grass save water?

It’s quite simple: artificial grass helps you save water outside because you never need to water the lawn! Your artificial grass garden will look as green as the day your artificial lawn installation took place, no matter how dry the ground gets or how severe water conditions are. This is unlike a traditional lawn that would turn brown if it does not get the water that it needs. The water that you save by installing artificial grass can be used to ensure that your plants and veggies grow healthy, or you can save the water altogether saving lots of money on your water bills!
How much water and money can you save with Artificial Grass?

Literally thousands of litres per year!! According to several studies on this matter, a well maintained lawn averaging around 50m2 will use around 30,000 litres of water a year to keep it healthy and green, and depending on where you live, it might be 70,000 litres or more (of course the hotter and dryer the weather, the more water you will need for your garden).  The average cost of this is around £200 per year (based on the average figure of 30,000 litres). I you have artificial grass installed in your garden you’ll find that you are saving not only on water but also electricity and even maintenance bills. Whats more, as prices of these bills and artificial grass itself may increase in the future it could be a great investment for your home and garden as it will last 5-10 years in domestic households!

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