Pet Odour Eater – Artificial Grass for Dogs



Dog pee on artificial grass sometimes needs a Pet Odour Eater!

This amazing product removes unwanted smells from dog pee on artificial grass, leaving it squeaky clean and smelling fresh!

Our Pet Odour Eater is an enzyme solution that consumes the bacteria from dog urine. This is a unique product that can safely be used on your artificial grass without causing any damage or stains.

Our products are safe for human and pet use and are all approved for use on all artificial grass surfaces. It couldn't be easier to use, too! Simply hose down any areas with unwanted smells, apply the Pet Odour Eater according to the dilution rate on the bottle, but don't rinse away immediately as the enzymes in the product will eat away the bacteria in the grass. After the product has worked its magic, simply rinse away! Do this little and often to keep your artificial lawn in great shape.

Unwanted smells can be more frequently found with large dogs on small artificial grass gardens, artificial grass balconies or artificial grass terraces. It can also occur when many dogs share a garden and urinate in a confined space. The refreshing scent of our Pet Odour Eater will make the dog pee smell a thing of the past!

We always recommend that our clients brush the lawn on a regular basis. Remember - artificial turf is low maintenance, not no maintenance! After a heavy weekend of using the garden or maybe after school play dates, we recommend a light brushing with our Rubber Broom, which is a great way to keep your grass in tip-top condition.

If you would like any help with our Pet Odour Eater, or for anything else, please feel free to call our friendly team on 0207 993 9083, or contact us here.

Please note that the product label may vary.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 50 cm


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Our safe and approved pet urine removal will keep your artificial grass smelling fresh and clean!

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