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Artificial Grass Sprinkler

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This product helps to maintain an anti smell artificial grass surface by regularly washing dog pee away.


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Artificial Grass Sprinkler

Artificial Grass Sprinkler, keeps artificial grass cool & keeps your lawn cleaner.

This product helps to maintain an anti smell artificial grass surface by regularly washing dog pee away and to keep the lawn looking fresh.


Our artificial grass sprinkler is primarily use as an artificial grass cleaning system however is perfect to help keep your artificial grass anti-smell which is sometimes needed for gardens with big dogs or many dogs.

The artificial grass we have chosen to supply our clients is a tried and tested product which the nozzles can be fully adjusted so you can direct the water excatly where you need it and avoid spraying areas you want to keep dry.

Simple connect your hose, adjust the nozzles and set the pressure and distance using your tap.

Artificial grass sprinklers are great to use after we have performed an annual artificial grass maintenance whereby we deep clean the surface and top up the infill sand where required giving your artificial grass a clean and fresh look.

When clients ask us “how do I clean my artificial grass” or “whats the best way to clean my artificial grass” we advise them to use one of our maintenance kits along with this sprinkler to keep the surface in its best condition.

Another question we are sometimes asked is “what is the best way to cool down artificial grass” and to be honest despite our cooler summers than our friends on the continent, artificial grass has been installed in much hotter climates and in some cases people just avoid using the surface at the hottest point of the day.

However we are fortunate (or not) that its rarely touching 40 degrees in the UK but for those hotter than comfortable days we recommend using our artificial grass sprinkler to help keep your artificial grass cool, if you give it a good dousing ahead of use it should stay cool for some time.

Let’s all remember just how much fun it is to run under garden sprinklers too, it’s the perfect all in one accessory for artificial grass, cleans, cools, rids bad smells and is lots of outdoor fun…..

Don’t forget even if you didn’t purchase your lawn from us, our friendly team are always happy to chat and lend some advice.

Our artificial grass sprinklers are ideal for any size artificial grass gardens, artificial grass balconies or artificial grass terraces.

If you have a larger garden you may be interested in our Petrol lawn blower and power brush. to really beef up your artificial grass maintenance kit for dogs!

It’s important to remember that artificial turf is low maintenance, not no maintenance! We always recommend that our clients brush the lawn on a regular basis. Therefore, after a heavy weekend of using the garden or maybe after school playdates, a light brushing with a product like our fake grass rubber brush is a good way of keeping your artificial grass clean and in tip-top condition. We believe that caring for your surface little and often, is the key to making sure you get the longest return with the best results for your hard-earned investment.

Our expert team of grass gurus are always happy to discuss your lawn. GRASSify has been suppliers and installers of luxury products for over a decade and as a family independent business, we pride ourselves on offering a tailored and personal service every time.

If you would like any help feel free to call one of the friendly team on 0207 993 9083

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Quick drainage

Pet safe

Child Safe

10 year warranty

No pesticides

UV anti-fade

No mowing!

No more mud

Save water

Luxury products

… and that is why we love & recommend GRASSify grass!

John Sacks

Walton upon Thames, Greater London

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