Artificial Grass Shockpad 18mm



We offer a range of shockpad underlay for artificial grass including CFH rated shock-pad for high playground equipment. Available in various heights, our standard is an 18mm shock pad underlay. The 25mm and taller are tested to 1.2M for critical fall height to keep children safe whilst using high play equipment. They are also great for making the area soft and comfortable underfoot.

Artificial grass installed with a shock pad base are both child friendly and pet friendly. Our underlay for artificial grass is a safety shock pad system offering great drainage allowing water to pass rapidly.

The product is suitable for children and pets, its also ideal for balconies, terraces, commercial, and more.

In particular where safety fall height ratings needs to met such as under artificial grass for school playgrounds or public or commercial play areas as well as sporting facilities, the shock pad underlay we can offer are Critical Fall Height Tested (CFH) to ensure your children are safer whilst using GRASSify artificial grass.

Price is per square meter & include VAT 

Shockpads come in sheets of 0.9m x 2.25m so are 2.025 SQM in size.



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A rated shock-pad, tested to 1.2M for critical fall height, helping to keep children safe whilst making the area soft and comfortable underfoot

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