Lounge LITE 30mm

From £19.50

A natural looking low cost option, great for commercial and residential areas


Lounge LITE: the baby of the GRASSify Artificial Grass Family

A short, natural & summery grass, the Lounge LITE is a fantastic all-rounder for many settings. With a C-shaped blade, PU backing & natural olive look, this is a great low-cost artificial grass option for a wide range of settings. Quality comes at a price, but none more affordable than Lounge LITE!

This artificial grass has been carefully selected to ensure that no quality has been sacrificed. GRASSify Artificial Grass has found the perfect low-cost alternative for when an area like a garden, balcony or terrace just needs to be green and clean, without compromising on quality.

30-40mm grass piles are the optimum preferred pile height for many people, as these grasses are long enough to be robust, soft and dense, but are also not too long that they will flatten quickly. This pile height also means that it requires a little less maintenance than some of the longer pile heights. The natural olive coloured blades give this grass a fantastic look that is sure to brighten up any garden or outdoor space.

This entry-level, low-cost artificial grass is suitable for both children and pets. Lounge LITE can be installed in a wide variety of spaces such as commercial spaces, play areas, including schools, and sports facilities, as well as other busy urban spaces.

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Price is per square meter & includes VAT.

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1sqm sample, 2m wide, 4m wide


1m long, 2m long, 3m long, 4m long, 5m long, 6m long, 7m long, 8m long, 9m long, 10m long, 11m long, 12m long, 13m long, 14m long, 15m long, 16m long, 17m long, 18m long, 19m long, 20m long, 21m long, 22m long, 23m long, 24m long, 25m long




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