Envirofill Artificial Grass Sand for Dogs

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This safe for dogs and non toxic sand is rolled in a microbial agent to remove the smell of urine from an artificial grass lawn.

Envirofill Artificial Grass Sand for Dogs

Is the smell of dog urine on artificial grass becoming a problem, if so then our sand for dogs to rid urine smells on artificial grass can help

This safe for dogs and non toxic sand is rolled in a microbial agent to remove the smell of urine from an artificial grass lawn, in the same sense that cat litter works it provides an infill for artificial turf to aid drainage and keep the pile up but this product is specifically designed for dogs.

How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from artificial grass?

Apply this infill sand or have us do it for you as part of our maintenance services. Use envirofill sand for dogs in conjunction with our Pet Urine Cleaning Solution is an enzyme solution that consumes the bacteria from dog urine. This is a unique product that can safely be used on your artificial grass without causing any damage or stains.

The dressing sand to rid urine smells on artificial grass is 100% safe for human and pet use and are all approved for use on all artificial grass surfaces.

How to clean dog urine from artificial grass?

Step 1: Simply hose down any areas with unwanted dog wee smells

Step 2: Apply the Pet Odour Eater according to the dilution rate on the bottle, but don’t rinse away immediately as the enzymes in the product will eat away the bacteria in the grass.

Step 3: Wait for the cleaning product to dry.

Step 4: Apply Envirofill or Zeolite infill sand to rid urine smells on artificial grass, apply evenly ideally with a drop spreader

Step 5: Simply hose it all in!

Step 6: Do this little and often to keep your artificial lawn in great shape.

Step 7: Call GRASSify to book an annual service to check any joins, edges and the base integrity as well as carry out a 10 Step deep cleaning for artificial grass surfaces.

Unwanted smells can be more frequently found with large dogs on small artificial grass gardens, artificial grass balconies or artificial grass terraces. It can also occur when many dogs share a garden and urinate in a confined space. The refreshing scent of our Pet Odour Eater will make the dog pee smell a thing of the past and the infill Sand to get rid of dog urine smell on artificial grass will be the answer to your problem.

We always recommend that our clients brush the lawn on a regular basis. Remember – artificial turf is low maintenance, not no maintenance! After a heavy weekend of using the garden or maybe after school play dates, we recommend a light brushing with our Rubber Broom, which is a great way to keep your grass in tip-top condition.

If you would like any help please feel free to call our friendly team on 0207 993 9083, or contact us here.

Please note depending on availability the product may vary as we sometimes use Zeolite an equivalent product

Delivery will be quoted once your order has been placed as given the weight of the product will vary depending on quantity and location.

Quick drainage

Pet safe

Child Safe

10 year warranty

No pesticides

UV anti-fade

No mowing!

No more mud

Save water

Luxury products

… and that is why we love & recommend GRASSify grass!

John Sacks

Walton upon Thames, Greater London

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