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School funding for Artificial Grass

Funding for Artificial Grass Explained

Grants for School Playgrounds & Fake Grass Installations

Here you will find information on grants for schools for synthetic grass, playground funding for play and sports, artificial grass funding and where to find it and tips on how to be successful in your funding application

Is your playground in need of a transformation maybe artificial grass funding is the answer?

Would a new playground grant benefit the students but the budget just isn’t available?
A new playground installation or even just a renovation of your existing play areas offer play spaces that act as a vital part of every day life, getting active and outdoors in the fresh air is important not only for children health, it’s also great for their minds and concentration levels, especially children with special educational needs who may need a safe play space. School funding for Artificial Grass could be for you.
Regardless of age or location all children deserve a safe space to play that is low maintenance and weather resistant meaning it dries quicker after rain and less likely to freeze and become slippery in colder climates.
A safe playground using artificial grass

It's costly but choose a professional experienced company

We know these areas are costly and often there is not enough left in the budget to warranty a new playground for most schools and nurseries. Equipment and apparatus is also not cheap and quality matters when it comes to safety. Only certified equipment that has been safety tested and of course professional experienced playground installers are recommended.

Artificial grass for schools with permanent line markings

New school funding for Artificial Grass is always being made available

New funding for schools, colleges and universities are always being launched throughout the year. Some grants and schemes are government and others privately funded. This money available for schools can be used for renovations making it possible for those struggling to fund playground projects to find a way.
Most grants and school funding for Artificial Grass usually come from charities, foundations, or government schemes.
There is normally an eligibility criteria such as the number of pupils or the schools income. Some funding is available specifically for SEND schools (special educational needs), others are also charitable with a simple desire to improve the lives of children. Every child matters after all.
How to install a 3G pitch
New football pitch with a running track

Where can I find funding for my school?

The most numerous grants are typically up to £10,000 but at times larger schemes are released and sometimes offer funding for higher value sports pr play projects in schools are a good source of grant focusing on a particular sport. It is worth making these applications and you can usually find most of the information on eligibility available on the website of the organisation offering the grant scheme.
This list are just some of the many places you can explore to see if funding is available for your school playground project
Comic Relief
ASDA Foundation
Disability Grants
Bank of Scotland Foundation (Scotland Only)
BBC Children In Need
Morrisons Foundation
Tesco Community Grants

How do I apply for school funding for artificial grass?

You will need to:  
  • Have plans for your project
  • Include any price breakdowns for equipment or works you need for the project
  • Choose a good writer so you can be clear and concise making you a better candidate for school funding
  • Complete an application on the organisations website, make it clear who and how it will benefit by receiving the money
    E.g. Will this project help tackle obesity in children? or This will encourage more children to play hockey or golf if we have a mini putting green and multi use games surface installed? 
Once your funding application is submitted you will wait to hear if you have been successful, GRASSify can help you prepare for these applications by offering a site survey, product samples and quotations so you are prepared best for the application


Make life easy and contact The GRASSify team for help preparing a site survey and cost calculation so you can be ready for your funding proposal, if you have decided to apply for one why not book us in for a site visit today!

Want to get the ball rolling? Hop on over to our Contact page to get in touch!

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The deposit amount required as standard 50% of the total project. An 8% setup fee is paid in advance as well as the initial 50% deposit due at least 72 hours prior to installation. The above example is purely for demonstration purposes, each application is made individually, deposit amounts and terms may vary depending on your circumstances.


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